Productivity Tip #6: Windows shortcuts to commonly-accessed folders.

During the course of my day, I access many, many different directories at the same time. I hate having to navigate to them manually through Windows Explorer (My Computer, C:, project directory, art directory, avatars directory, male character directory, texture directory…) I also hate having to type in the entire thing by hand.

So I found a very simple solution. On my desktop I made a folder called ‘WORK.’ I open an Explorer window, navigate to a commonly-accessed directory, then right-click and drag the directory into my ‘WORK’ folder, and click ‘Create Shortcut Here.’ I repeat this for every directory until I have a small list of instant shortcuts to the directories I want.

Now, anytime I need to access a directory, all I have to do is open my ‘WORK’ folder and double-click on the directory I want. Voila! No more wasting time navigating to the directory every single time. I’ve saved time!

Where else can you save time like this?

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