I cleaned up the site and added stuff!

I cleaned up a bunch of stuff around the site today!

  • I put all the relevant information about me on the About Jon page above, instead of spamming it all over every page. You’re here for the content, not to listen to me ramble on about my stupid ass. :)
  • I created a Contact Jon page after realizing that I don’t have my email address listed anywhere. Oops.
  • All sorts of social bookmarking links on the bottom of each post. If you like a post of mine, you can submit it to del.icio.us, Digg, Fark, Blogmarks or Yahoo with a single click!
  • I created a MUCH more friendly Archives page. Now you can go back and look at my old posts in reverse chronological order, listing the title of each post. The old way was stupid and took up a lot of space.
  • Added a new book to the smArtist Reading page, added a few more favorite smArticles to the Most Popular smArticles page, slightly rewrote the explanation of a smArtist, turned that text into a part of the header graphic to clear up annoying formatting problems, shortened the excerpt text on the Recent Comments, and cleaned up a bunch of other little things.

Is there anything else I might be missing that would make the site more user-friendly?

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