Major Dropbox price cut in face of competition. 1TB for $9.99/mo!

Not bad! 1TB for $9.99/mo, which is 10x more storage for the same price. Now it’s the same price as Google Drive, which is still a far better choice for cloud storage than Dropbox. I prefer its features, its excellent integration with Google’s office suite, and Google’s trustworthiness relative to Dropbox and its poor hiring choices.

Source: Dropbox slashes pricing and boosts storage as competition intensifies

What will you do if your phone gets stolen?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, I strongly suggest spending five minutes on a one-time-setup to secure your Android or iOS device. It’s super easy, really fast, and it’ll protect you in case anything happens in the future. Here’s how.

For Android:

1) Enable Android Device Manager for remote tracking\disabling.
2) Set up a passcode.
3) Enable two-factor authentication for everything you have.
4) Encrypt your phone.
5) Add owner info to your lockscreen.

Source: The Essential Android Security Features You Should Enable Right Now

For iPhone:

1) Enable “Find My iPhone.”
2) Set up a passcode.
3) Enable iCloud backup.

Source: This Is How You Should Secure Your iPhone


Job hunters! Auto-gather LinkedIn’s job suggestions for you to a spreadsheet!

Hi everybody! I made a little IFTTT recipe to automatically add all of LinkedIn’s job suggestions to a Google Drive spreadsheet for you. If you’re on the job hunt, this is a handy way to bring the leads straight to you.

Click here to set it up. All you have to do is connect your IFTTT account to Google Drive and to LinkedIn, and you’re done! One minute and you’re ready to roll.

For those that don’t know, IFTTT is a wonderfully useful task automation tool that’s compatible with Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, LinkedIn, and over 100 other services to automate all manner of tasks in an incredibly simple way.

Hope you enjoy! I may post these more often as I create them. Task automation is of great interest to me these days.

3 reasons never to use in-line images for art feedback

Hi all! Quick tip — don’t use in-line images for art feedback! Ever. Seriously. This shows the correct way to Attach images instead of embedding them as inline images. Again, this applies to art feedback, not general emails. The primary reason is that they’re annoying to save and they make searching for attached images later very difficult, when they really don’t need to be. Think of this in the context of working on a project with thousands of emails spanning hundreds of contacts. Being able to come back to an attached image later becomes a hell of a lot more important when you’re operating at scale. Fortunately, this is an incredibly simple process tweak anyone can do. :)

Here are three reasons why you should never use in-line images for art feedback:

  1. It makes Gmail’s search vastly less effective. It prevents searching by filename\keyword\attachment in Gmail.

    Example: If I’m looking for Art_Pasta_paintover_14.jpg and it’s an Attachment, I can search Gmail for it. However, if it’s embedded as an in-line image, it cannot be searched for, so I have to remember who was on the email, what the subject was, what some of the key words were, etc. I get ~150 emails a day and I can’t expect myself to remember absolutely everything.

  2. It strips filenames. If you have to use the images, it requires manually saving them. Since it doesn’t store the original filename, it’s dependent on the end user to adhere to naming conventions and place the file appropriately. If you save the file and ever need to find it again, now it only exists as whatever you thought to name it, or in an email you can’t easily search for.
  3. It breaks formatting. Large images completely obliterate formatting by stretching out the horizontal scroll bar, which makes ALL email replies span multiple pages. This makes emails unreadable and is a great way to kill a thread, if that’s what you’re trying to do.

I’d initially considered JPG artifacting and re-saving images degrading image quality, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in my limited testing. Here’s an interesting tutorial on checking for JPG artifacting in Photoshop.

Thoughts? Agree\disagree? I’d like to hear your comments!

The Jon Jones Job Journal is live!

Hi everybody! I used some cool tech to automatically create and update a spreadsheet of every game company that posts video game development jobs on LinkedIn. There are 471 jobs posted so far, and about 25 new jobs get added every day. I’ve also gone all crazy cross-media with it so people can get the list of the latest jobs whether they prefer a website, a downloadable and filterable spreadsheet, Twitter, or Facebook. See the Jon Jones Job Journal link above, or just click that.

Here are the relevant links:

This is an experiment. It’s a spreadsheet is continuously and automatically populated with job postings on LinkedIn from game companies I follow that are posting new positions. I use the wonderful task automation tool IFTTT and this recipe to create it:

The way it works is that it automatically monitors all the game companies I personally follow on LinkedIn (~170 or so) that post jobs on LinkedIn, then automatically enters the data onto this spreadsheet. I let it run for a few days as an initial test to make sure that only game companies’ jobs are getting posted and that the formatting is intact, and it seems to work now. I don’t have the time to spend on maintaining this, but fortunately, it’s pretty much all automatic now! To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t anything else like this on the internet, but I’d love to be proven wrong so I can drive people to it! Let me know.

For security and bandwidth reasons, I’m sharing it as “View Only” which unfortunately disables the smart filtering by location\company\etc. If you’d like to download your own copy of it so you can use the filtering options, simply click here to download an up-to-date XLS copy. Then you can filter and edit to your heart’s desire!

Please share this with your friends and colleagues, and enjoy! And if anything’s acting weird or bugging out, please drop me a line on my Contact page above. Thanks!